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EngageWeb.Club: A Special 50th Episode

Welcome to the 50th episode of the Engaging Marketeer!

When I started this podcast in April 2022, I wasn’t sure if we were going to get to 50 episodes, so it’s a huge achievement to get here. I really appreciate everybody that’s continued to listen, everybody that’s subscribed, everybody that’s left reviews, everybody that’s left me ratings, everybody that’s watched the videos, shared it, told people about – I absolutely love every single one of you, so huge, huge thank you for everybody that’s been with us all this time.

As it is now our 50th episode, I did want to do something a little bit special to commemorate the fact that we’ve got to 50 episodes of the Engaging Marketeer. So, what I wanted to do was to give something that I think is incredible value and is better than you’re going to find it anywhere else…

Now, what I’m referring to: is we give a lot of information on this podcast. I think we give a lot away and try to make it really easy for everyone to understand, so this isn’t a tech-y podcast, this isn’t a podcast for SEO nerds, this podcast is for people who run a business, this podcast is for people who want to get better at digital marketing but don’t necessarily have the experience, so we try to give it away in an easy to understand manner. If you’re one of those people that wants to do more, if you’re one of those people that wants to get more from digital marketing, there are lots of courses out there for people to learn more, but they can be expensive as well. So I thought there’s got to be an option for people who want to learn stuff and want to get better at digital marketing, but don’t want to enrol on a course that could be updated.

So I thought well, we could do that. Everybody comes up to us and asks us ‘do you do tuition in SEO?’, ‘do you do lessons in SEO?’, ‘can you teach me how to do digital marketing?’ and we’ve always said NO for these reasons – because it needs to be updated constantly. We couldn’t sell a course for a one-off fee and then have to go back and update it, but we could do a club…

So, we’ve taken all of the information we’ve put together for our SEO course which we were going to call our ultimate SEO Master Academy, and we’ve put it into our new launch that we’re doing this week to celebrate the fact that this is our 50th podcast and we’ve called it EngageWeb.Club!

You can sign up to EngageWeb.Club right now. We’re not selling it for a £100 or £200 or £1000, or £100 a month or anything like that. We’re doing EngageWeb.Club for £5 per month! That’s for the first 200 people to sign up.

In EngageWeb.Club, you’re gonna find everything that we do for SEO laid out for you – how you can do it and implement it for yourself, how you create your own SEO strategy, how you analyse your own website, how you do keyword research, how you find out what are the best search terms to be optimising your website for, how you analyse your competitors. We’re going to go through all of this content on how to SEO your own website, or how to SEO other websites if you happen to run a marketing agency or you’re a web designer that wants to learn how to do it for yourself, that’s all in there.

But there’s more than that. Because we’ve got our Ultimate Facebook Ads Master Academy, we can’t have somebody join EngageWeb.Club and say ‘hey, I like the fact that you do all this stuff with SEO, but I’d like to learn about Facebook ads as well’ and we go ‘oh well, you’ve got to go on to this webinar watch the webinar and then you’ve got to pay £227 plus VAT to join our Facebook Ads Academy’. That doesn’t work for me, that doesn’t seem fair. So what we’ve done is, and this is a little bit mental, we’ve decided that anybody that signs up for EngageWeb.Club gets our Ultimate Facebook Ads Master Academy for free. So you can join EngageWeb.Club for £5 a month if you’re one of the first 200 people and you will get our Ultimate Facebook Ads Master Academy included.

But there’s more than that as well. Because SEO is just one part of digital marketing, you’re also going to want to know how to format a landing page that converts, how to build a website, how to design a website, how to create a funnel with an automation sequence for email. We’re going to show you how to do all of that because that’s what we do for clients so it has to go om EngageWeb.Club. We’re also going to show you how you create a webinar that sells, how you do the technical aspect of setting up a webinar and how you schedule, how you brand it, how you market it.

But there’s more than that. Because we also do face-to-face workshops here in in the UK, and so we thought we might as well give people a discount on that if they’re an EngageWeb.Club subscriber, so we’re going to give you a 5% discount off any workshops as well if you’re a member of EngageWeb.Club.

We’ve thought what about people may think if they might like to join EngageWeb.Club, but they’re not quite sure about it because they don’t know if it’s going to be right for them. Well, how about you can cancel anytime. Are you going to join EngageWeb.Club? It’s £5 a month, and if you don’t like it, you can cancel in the first month, that’s absolutely fine.

That’s the offer that we’ve made to celebrate the fact that this is our 50th podcast; we are giving pretty much everything that we do away to members of EngageWeb.Club and we’re also going to be giving support with that as well. So if people have questions, if there’s anything that you need to know, you can suggest it to us and we’ll create the content for you to put that into EngageWeb.Club.

It’s a ridiculous offer when you consider the fact that there are digital marketing courses SEO courses out there now that run into the thousands of pounds to learn how to do SEO, and we’re giving you all of this for £5 a month and you can cancel any time.

So, I hope you’ll join me, I hope you’ll go there right now and you’ll take a look at EngageWeb.Club, we think you’re going to love it.

Thank you very much for spending all this time with me. If you haven’t subscribed to the podcast, please do so, if you would like to share this with somebody else that would be brilliant. Share the link to the podcast, tell them about it tell them about EngageWeb.Club, tell them that they can get digital marketing training for £5. So thank you very much, and I will catch you on the next podcast

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