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When Should You AVOID Digital Marketing?


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‘I tried digital marketing and it didn’t work’

In this episode of the Engaging Marketeer, Darren’s addressing some of the critiques he hears from people who haven’t had good experiences with services like Facebook Ads and email marketing from digital marketing agencies.

Darren explains why it is that people often have bad experiences with digital marketing and emphasises that it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you’re considering using an agency to help drive traffic to your website, be sure to give this podcast a listen to help you understand whether or not you should avoid digital marketing.

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About your host:

Darren has worked within digital marketing since the last century, and was the first in-house web designer for video games retailer GAME in the UK, known as Electronics Boutique in the States. After co-founding his own agency, Engage Web, in 2009, Darren has worked with clients around the world, including Australia, Canada and the USA.

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