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Beating Cancer to Build a 6 Figure Part Time Business – Janine Evans

On this episode of the Engaging Marketeer, I am interviewing a very good friend of mine who I’ve known a long time and is also a client of Engage Web’s, Janine Evans.

Janine is an Avon sales leader who has been misinterpreted by some people in the past as being just a network marketer, just somebody who sells Avon, just somebody who does a part-time business. Even people in her own family have thought this about her, yet Janine has turned this part-time business into a six figure business. I’m going to be talking to Janine about how she did that and how she actually goes about building a huge business from something that some people think of as just a pastime.

We’ve provided some highlights from the episode below. You can check out the full interview on our YouTube.

Janine on her beginnings with Avon…

Darren: I would say you are a fairly successful network marketer, would you agree with that?
Janine: I would agree with that, yeah.
Darren: So tell me, what made you actually get started with it in the first place?
Janine: Well, it was 26 years ago when I first started with Avon, and basically I just wanted some extra money to top up my wages as a legal secretary. I used to do help my mum with it when she was doing Avon years ago when I was a little girl, so I thought I’ll give it a go.

…on defeating stage 4 ovarian cancer…

Janine: When I first got into Avon, I was really enjoying it, I loved it. Fast forward a few years, I was still doing a bit of Avon and loving it, but I got diagnosed with ovarian cancer. It was kind of a life-changing moment for me. They were telling me the odds weren’t good. I was having seven hours of chemotherapy every single day, it was really gruelling. I spent every day thinking and praying ‘if I get through this, I want to make something of my life’.

…on the characteristics needed to succeed with Avon…

Darren: What kind of personality or characteristic does it take for people to do what you do?
Janine: I mean, there isn’t some massive personality that you really need. Just don’t give up. There are all types of people that come on board; mums who can’t get jobs because they have to work around the children. My mum does it and she’s 76. It’s all different walks of life.

Janine: Let’s take my daughter. She wants to come aboard as a representative; she will make over £100 a month. She’s a nurse, by the way. She wants it a for A. takeaways and B. for the dog.
Darren: So she’s a nurse, which means she’s working long hour,s very hard work as well, so she’s going to be knackered when she’s finished. If she only wants to earn say £100 a month or so, how much time and dedication is that going to take for her to do that?
Janine: Well it’s online as well now, which it never used to be. Now, we’ve got a name on social platforms as well where that’s already got scheduled posts on there for everybody to use. So if you’ve got a Facebook page on page or Facebook group, you can pop all the social posts in their. So it’s easier for her, for sure.

…on the differences between Sales Representatives and Sales Leaders…

Darren: What’s the difference between being a representative and a sales leader, in terms of how much work you have to do, how you have to structure what you do and the money that you can make?
Janine: So sales leadership is more of the business part of things, really. With the representative, obviously its easier to work around your job and work around your lifestyle. You can still do that with the sales leader job, don’t get me wrong, but you’re going into a bit of a bigger scale that and that’s bigger and better money, so it does require more work.

…on winning a trip to Thailand through Avon…

Darren: With the Thailand trip you mentioned, even you said you weren’t sure if you were going to be able to achieve it. What did you have to do to achieve that and how much did you have to change what you were doing?
Janine: I didn’t change anything I normally do, I just did it more. More recruitment, more sales, more work, just going tenfold on what I’d normally do.

…on Avon haters…

Darren: What do you say to naysayers who say network marketing will never work, ‘it’s not for me, it’s just a part-time thing’?
Janine: I’ve heard that a lot over the years. All I can really say to people is fine if that is your opinion, but I know it works for me, I’m living proof it works, there’s no special secret to it, it’s all about not giving up.

…on her future goals…

Darren: What more goals are you looking to achieve from Avon?
Janine: I’ve been able to send my kids to university, I’ve bought cars. Maybe in a few years’ time I’d like to buy a villa somewhere as a holiday home.

If anybody would like to reach Janine to start working with her as part of Avon, her advice is “call me”. You can also reach her via email or through her Facebook page.

Huge thank you to Janine for coming on the show and sharing her story. To make sure you never miss another one of our fascinating interviews, subscribe to the Engaging Marketeer on your preferred platform today.

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