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I think I’ve just bought a networking business – Simon Edmondson


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Two networking veterans talk… networking!

In this episode of the Engaging Marketeer, I’m joined by the host of The Business Network Chester, Simon Edmondson.

As two seasoned networking veterans, Simon and I discussing everything about his journey and The Business Network Chester, from its storied history to its exciting future.

Some of the topics covered in this podcast include:

Similarities and differences between networking organisations: Simon and I discuss the differences between The Business Network Chester and other groups that Darren frequents, highlighting the benefits of having groups that don’t do everything the same.

How to network (and how NOT to): We discuss some of the common traits and motivations we see from different people at networking events, and whether we agree with them.

Simon’s networking history: Prior to being the top dog in Chester networking, Simon talks us through how networking has been a part of his life’s journey, starting with his mother.

About your host:

Darren has worked within digital marketing since the last century, and was the first in-house web designer for video games retailer GAME in the UK, known as Electronics Boutique in the States. After co-founding his own agency, Engage Web, in 2009, Darren has worked with clients around the world, including Australia, Canada and the USA.

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