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Ross Brown: Two Massive Geeks Chat Marketing & Doctor Who

On today’s Engaging Marketeer podcast, I’m delighted to say I am joined by a fellow nerd! As well, as being a fellow marketing expert, Ross Brown is by far one of the biggest Doctor Who fans I’ve ever met in my life.

In this episode, Ross and I are not only talking about Doctor Who (although there is a lot of that), but we’re also talking marketing as well, including how and why businesses need to get their names out there in order to achieve more sales.

Feel free to head over to our YouTube to watch the podcast in full, which includes these highlights:

…Ross on his beginnings as a journalist…

Darren: I was curious about you being a journalist. What sort of training did you do to be a journalist and what did you like about it?

Ross: I always wanted to be a journalist ever since I was a little kid. All my teachers used to say when I used to write essays ‘yeah it’s very good, he does like a journalist doesn’t he?’ I had no idea what the bloody hell they were talking about at the time. So I went to uni and did communication studies. So yeah, analysing Blade Runner, that kind of thing.

…on transitioning into marketing…

Darren: What made you move out of journalism and into marketing?

Ross: In my late 20s/early 30s I was offered a job in marketing (‘headhunted’ is probably a bit strong). I was in a marketing agency of about 120 people and I was one of the only ones that really understood technology. And I realised, I didn’t just know what these things did, I genuinely understood how these things worked and their possibilities.

Darren: When we were talking yesterday, you jokingly said that people often don’t know what it is that you actually do…

Ross: Somebody yesterday, they called me a polymath, which I quite like the sound of that. Sounds better than being called smart arse. But people go ‘Well what do you actually do? What are you good at?’ and I’m actually good at most of it, to be honest. Basically, I’m a 6’2 marketing machine.

…on dressing as Doctor Who for his wedding reception…

Ross: We got married during lockdown, so we only got round to having the reception about a month ago. My wife assumed (because I told her) that I’d wear the same suit that I did for the wedding. Unbeknownst to her, I bought myself a nice blue linen suit, a shirt about this colour, a sort of a dark purpley floral tie and a pair of red Converse. It wasn’t until I pulled out the sonic screwdriver that she said ‘Oh god you’ve come as David Tennant haven’t you’.

Darren: I know this is probably a stupid question, but was it the correct sonic screwdriver?

Ross: You think I’m an amateur!

…on turning his shed into an office…

Ross: It was only supposed to be for a couple of days a week, then COVID happened obviously, and we then realised that we didn’t need to be in the office that often, we work just fine remotely. So it’s all carpeted and insulated, and this shed is painted light blue, except for the doors, which are painted dark blue, and have letters across saying ‘POLICE BOX’.

…on his approach to marketing…

Darren: What do you like to do to help a client?

Ross: I like working with a variety of clients. That’s why I’ve never worked anywhere that does marketing in-house. At the end of the day it’s all about getting under their skin, similar to journalism.

Trying to figure out what that person wants to hear that’ll turn their interest into making a purchase, that’s essentially what marketing is. What interests them? Why would they buy what you’ve got? And what convinces them that you can give them what they want?

…on some of the most annoying things about building a website…

Darren: I ask people if they’ve ever been on a website in their entire lives and thought to themselves ‘the logo needs to be bigger on this website’. And guess what? They never have.

Ross: And they never will!

…on what the future will hold in marketing…

Ross: Am I optimistic for the future? I know its not the question you asked me but it’s what I’m answering. I think so. I think people are starting to value experience more again, instead of people offering a cheap product that will cut corners at every turn.

Darren: That’s a nice positive to end on, I think.

To reach Ross for any of his services, he is most easily reached at his personal email address, where he’s always ready to chat to people, as well as his LinkedIn profile.

Huge thank you to Ross for a lovely conversation. Thank you for watching – remember to subscribe to the Engaging Marketeer so that you never miss another episode of the podcast, and we’ll see you next time.

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