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Stand-Up Comedy Show At Tranmere Rovers for Wirral Mencap

As a slight variation from our regular scheduled programming, this week’s episode of the Engaging Marketeer comes in the form of my stand-up comedy routine from last week’s Legends Comedy Night organised by the amazing Wirral Mencap.


If you don’t know about Wirral Mencap, it is a wonderful charity which has been supporting those in the Wirral with learning disabilities since it was first established in the 1950s. The last time I took part in one of their comedy events, I emerged victorious, so obviously when I heard they were running an event for previous winners, I was there in a heartbeat.


As the natural main event for an event such as this, I had the final set, which you can see for yourself, in full, over on the Engaging Marketeer YouTube channel. WARNING: it’s not for the faint of heart. If you’re somebody that can be easily offended, I’d advise you to come back for next week’s episode.


Unfortunately, the voting system for the winning performance was not quite as rigorous as I’d initially anticipated, and I ended up in 3rd place, much to the sadistic joy of most of the Engage Web team.


However, despite the questionable result, the event was an overwhelming success. Wirral Mencap managed to raise over £4600 over the course of the evening, which is just amazing. I’ve also been raising money myself to support the cause. If you’d like to donate, either because you agree that I should have been the winner, or if you simply want to help Wirral Mencap out with the terrific work they do, you can do so here.


You can also learn more about Wirral Mencap itself by checking out their website.


We’ll be back with another interview on next week’s podcast. We hope to see you then.

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