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Charlie Bond: How To Get A Film Made

In this episode, I’m talking to an actor and film producer, Charlie Bond, who’s horror film Power Tool Cheerleaders vs. The Boyband of the Screeching Dead is soon to be released. I’m talking to Charlie about the process and struggles of funding and creating the film through the COVID-19 lockdown, as well as her career plans for the future.

Be sure to check out the entire interview in full, including these highlights:

Charlie on becoming a producer…

Darren: You’ve gone from acting to producing, haven’t you? You’ve taken charge of your own destiny in that way. What prompted that decision?
Charlie: The thing is, people say to me ‘I can’t believe you’ve produced a film!’ You’ve gone from being a just a silly glossy actor to being a producer, and I always say well, no one stops you. Once you’ve got a camera, there is literally nobody stopping you.
Darren: I think it was you put that on twitter the other day, wasn’t it? That somebody said I can’t believe you’ve made this film
Charlie: I was with an old friend, and she got in touch and was like ‘Oh god I can’t believe you’ve made a feature before me!’ It was a bit of a strange one. I wasn’t sure if it was a backhanded compliment, or it was just shocking that someone as silly as me could do it!

…on making the film through lockdown…

Darren: How was it actually shooting the film during the pandemic?
Charlie: It was definitely a challenge. The actual shooting of this film was an incredible challenge because we would have locations that would pull out as the COVID regulations were changing. Then in many places we could only be in a group of 6, which for a film crew is a really really tight one because you’ve got people behind the camera that also need to be in front of the camera a lot of the time as well, so everybody was doubling up in certain areas and pitching in.

…on performing in a musical film…

Darren: How did you find singing on a film?
Charlie: Well, I hated it. It was actually after the film we would record the songs, so we only had the rough song and the melodies while filming. When you are miming, you still have to sing because it shows in your throat if you’re just moving you mouth – it doesn’t look very good on camera. But I’m so glad we did it, it was definitely an experience.

…on the next stage of her career…

Darren: If you don’t do a sequel, what have you got planned for the future? What projects are you working on?
Charlie: We’ve just finished a little short which is in an anthology called Virus Detected by a guy called Chris Josty. He’s pulled together some great filmmakers, like Peter Han and Jeff Harmer from Dear Air that I did a few years back, and Faith Elizabeth, who is one of the actresses in Power Tool Cheerleaders vs. The Boyband of The Screeching Dead.

…on how to get into the film industry…
Darren: If somebody wanted to get a film made, what advice would you give them as a producer or even as a writer?
Charlie: The best advice is just do it! Just do it, nobody stops you; the only person stopping you is you. I know that it is difficult because people do have jobs and lives and childcare and there’s so many obstacles, but they are only obstacles.

…on the film’s forthcoming release…

Darren: I know eventually you’re gonna reap the rewards and watch what the audience says about the film.
Charlie: Maybe one day I’ll get a job in Game of Thrones, like every other actor in London. I think it’s just two, it’s me and Danny Dyer that haven’t been in it yet (laughs)
Darren: Oh, he’d be great in that
Charlie: ‘As would you Charlie!’ Yeah, I know thank you.
Darren: Obviously you’d be good in it!

While the film is opening on an initial festival run while a distribution deal is secured, Charlie hopes that Power Tool Cheerleaders vs. The Boyband of the Screeching Dead will be available for viewers to watch on demand as soon as possible.

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