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Hayley Meakes Discusses the Will to Win of the Sporting Elite

On this edition of the Engaging Marketeer, I’m talking to accomplished business coach, marketeer, fellow podcast host and good friend of mine, Hayley Meakes. Hayley and I are talking about her star-studded SnipBit Podcast, which has featured a range of athlete guests such as decathlete Daley Thompson and Johnny Nelson, as well as her personal secrets to becoming and remaining successful in podcasting and business.

Check out the full episode, which includes these selected highlights:

Hayley on finding guests for her podcast…

Darren: How do you go about convincing people to go on your podcast?
Hayley: The first thing is being very clear on what the podcast is important, because a lot of people who’ve been very successful in life are expecting the media to try and do the dirty on them in some way. It’s about the mission of what the podcast is about.
Darren: We see these people as big, confident superstars, but they’re only big and confident in what they do; they’re not necessarily great at talking one-to-one on a podcast.
Hayley: Giving a framework helps. It’s a bit more of security for them, so they’ve got some reassurance about what is going to be discussed.
Darren: They need to know that you’re on their side and it’s a safe space – otherwise you’d get a pretty cagey podcast
Hayley: Absolutely.

…on her best interviews…

Darren: What podcast have you done that’s really stayed with you?
Hayley: My uncle would say it’s him, obviously! In terms of people that have really inspired me and moved me, when I had Gemma Oaten on, the way she talked about her eating disorder and how she’s got through it, I found that really emotional and really moving. It was just so nice to see something so brilliant come out of something that was such a negative experience.

…on growing in the world of business…

Darren: What have you discovered in the last few years that has made in impact on the way you do things or the way you help other people?
Hayley: We’re all perpetual students. To be a good coach, to be good at business, things change and evolve. If you’re not keeping up, you’re moving backwards. For me, every single thing that I learn is only a benefit to me and my students.

…on the importance of mindset…

Darren: I’m starting to realise that I can have a negative mindset. I can feel negative about the day before I’ve even got out of bed, which can affect other people. How important is mindset?
Hayley: Essential. When you wake up, no matter what the mood is, if you can think of four or five things that you are really grateful for, by starting your focus in the right frame, you can start to see more positivity during your day.

…on getting started in the marketing industry…

Darren: For a small business, what one or two marketing tips would you give them that they really need to be looking at or that they should be doing.
Hayley: The most important thing is to be clear on who they’re customers are. I’ll say to somebody “Who’s your target audience?” And they’ll say “Everybody!” And it makes me want to cry. The clearer you can make your customer profiles, the better. Understand the pains and gains that your product or service solves.

The SnipBit podcast is currently in its second season, with Hayley promising some special guests for the future, although she won’t tell us exactly who! Check out her show for some powerful interviews with a number of great athletes and successful people.

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